What is Quality According to ISO?

Quality is a broad term. In fact, if you Google it, you will find that quality is defined as…

“the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind”

“general excellence of standard or level”

“the degree of excellence of something”

For ISO, quality is the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfils requirements.

Let us understand its meaning by dissecting these jargons: degree, inherent characteristic, and  requirement.

Degree refers to the level or amount to which a product satisfies.

Inherent characteristic refers to the attributes of the product that contributes to achieving satisfaction.

Requirements refer to the what the customers expect from the product. It is what they want and need from your product.

Let say, your product is easter eggs.

Your customers may require you to deliver fancy edible eggs in a box by dozen. In order to achieve the requirements, you need to deliver eggs that:

  • Are Cooked
  • Have beautiful designs
  • Boxed in 12 pieces

Suppose you delivered the easter eggs as required.

That is the quality of your product.

Although it’s hard to quantify quality, for the benefit of illustration, we could say that you delivered 100% quality product.

To learn more about quality, you may grab a copy of ISO 9000:2015, Quality Management Systems – Fundamentals and Vocabulary.


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